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Failed photos on board

Failed photos on board

ATTENTION! Failed photos on board…

happen if your photographer has motion sickness 😉 Joking. However there are several reasons why the pics are not as successful as it was dreamed about.

  1. absence of a wide-angle camera. The space on the yacht is limited and not enough to capture all items on board with the standard camera settings.  
  2. absence of the drone video shooting. Even if you have a selfie-stick you cannot capture the whole hull of the very same beautiful yacht you rest on.
  3. absence of the proper clothes and accessories. The gorgeous flying dress with a stylish hat will look better and tuneful with a yacht and turquoise sea than a trivial pareo above the swimsuit and with a bun hairstyle.
  4. absence of the sunscreen creme. If you will not use it there is a risk to get a pic of the “hot shrimp” instead of the “hot chick” – the sun plays a very dirty trick in every Turkish region.
  5. absence of a responsibility of yacht agency which works without licence. So that the “white, new and beautiful” yacht in the photos transforms into disappointment in reality. 

Choosing our company you can be sure that every time you watch the pictures from your yacht trip you feel the brilliance of your emotions as bright as you felt them when you’ve made the first step aboard!

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