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Business Hall on water: Yacht as a trigger of your success

Business Hall on water: Yacht as a trigger of your success

Nowadays the yacht is no longer associated with only luxury type of leisure, but has become a place for business meetings and negotiations. And there are several reasons for that.

Unconventional venue

Conducting meeting open air on board the yacht surrounded with beautiful nature and  sea landscapes, creates an unintimidating and  relaxed atmosphere, which promotes good attitudes of negotiators and contributes to the positive resolutions in the end.


The yacht allows you to escape the anxiety of the appearance of undesirable “ears” at the meeting. Also being out of the shore and keeping a quite big distance from other boats provide extra information security.


It is easy to deal with organisation of member participation, with their involving in meeting process, so that the arrangement of any event on board becomes easier – the timing of meeting will be ensured. Therefore it will allow you to spare time for the informal part after work. 

Team building

There are much more opportunities on board for team building than in a conference room: water entertainments, interactions among participants with refreshment drinks on the flybridge or on the bow of the yacht, board games, etc. – everyone will find something he/she likes without breaking away from the team.

Increasing of self-esteem

Conducting a meeting on board of the splendid yacht, you leave your partners and employees feeling respected and appreciated, as well as motivate them to cooperate in closser way. 


Business meetings conducted in Turkey will be much more affordable than in Europe or other Middle Eastern countries. Being not inferior in terms of service, Turkish yachts are available all year round: they are warm enough to hold meetings among the sea in winter, and comfortable for meetings on board in summer.


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