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There are lots of yacht alternatives. Each type  fits for different kinds of interests of guests. Our manager informs you about everything and helps you to choose one according to your desires. Just contacts us via any available messenger you may choose here

It depends on the season and type of the yacht. Some guests prefer to book a yacht in one or even six month before. Our recommendation for daily tours in a high season is booking a yacht 10-14 days in advance to choose the best time, date and a yacht you wish.

Yacht capacity is limited therefore there is a necessity to inform the manager about the supposed number of guests including infants as well. Most motor yachts and catamarans can take aboard up to 12 people. Some bigger yachts can take aboard up to 15-20 people, rare up to 35 people. Our manager will inform you about further details while choosing a suitable variant for you.

Yes! On each yacht you may bring your children of any age with you. Just give a notice about the young passenger to our manager. For our part we give you some recommendations on which yacht provides more comfortable cabins regarding to children, we will check the yacht regarding the furnishing with the safety nets aboard; also the yacht will be equipped with snorkel and mask sets for children entertainment

Yes! We are ready to arrange a transfer service for you in any region of Turkey. A transfer is an extra service, so we arrange it regarding your wishes, according to the number of passengers and the requested pickup place. The transport will be suitable for a family, a couple or a big company.

Yes! During the yacht trip lunch or dinner will be served as well as snacks and a fruit platter. On board will be non-alcoholic beverages, sometimes local wine and beer are also included. All foodstuffs are fresh and food will be prepared before your eyes. The food on board most yachts is included in the tour price. Also you will be informed by our manager about the meal you get on board your chosen yacht.

Yes, we have a licence for carrying out the tourist activity TURSAB – licence №12560. It means that company activity is carried out legally and in accordance with all rules and laws of Turkey. Your tours are guaranteed, safe and insured.

On every yacht sea sickness drugs are available. They should be taken in advance or immediately after boarding. If you have got seasick though, drink the cold water with lemon and try to lay down. There are also several traditional methods to get rid of seasickness such as drinking coca-cola or eating anything salty. During the trip try to be open air and look forth at the horizon.

Some yachts have Wi-Fi and cell service on board, however far from the coast the connection might be not stable. In case of bad connection, you may ask for a hotspot connection of the crew member.

We invite all yacht owners and tourist agents for cooperation. Contact us by phone +44 789 707 2330 or email us by to discuss the terms and conditions.

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